Your business is important for us

iCAS AG is a certified SAP Partner for medium sized companies, formed in 1997 out of the roots of an existing MAS90 consulting company who itself was first established in 1982. The goal of iCAS AG was, from the outset, to successfully and economically implement and supervise SAP solutions, a goal which we are proud to have achieved for its commercial, service and manufacturing customers.

iCAS AG has numerous SAP references in medium-sized businesses in various industries.

The success rate of iCAS projects is 100%

As a general contractor we can provide custom-made or tailored solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. On request, this can include IT-services and systems engineering. The high quality of advice and support we provide is further affirmed by the trust of our regular customers who have further requested the ongoing services of iCAS AG for SAP insourcing solutions.

As an equity backed company, iCAS AG are very aware of the value of their outstanding and dedicated employees. As a result, iCAS AG is also employee-owned, and we are proud of the stable, harmonious and effective team structures we have held over the years.

Philosophy and goals

Rapid responses and flexibility are more than ever a necessity in the middle class business sector. This requires optimised, adaptable business processes and requirements tailored to the specific applications and information systems of our customers.

iCAS AG guide their customers to a position where they can meet their business requirements in a positive manner, so aligned as to achieve the maximum potential for their company.

"We improve processes for SMEs - The solution lies in the sum"

At iCAS AG we promote and maintain the advantageous properties of a medium sized company. As a result of our broad experience in this industry, our capabilities extend far beyond the introduction of an industry solution. We are particularly able to design business processes with our customers and to integrate them as specified.

Our solutions and customer service ensure our customers to continue the necessary productivity, transparent processes and crucial competitive advantage. This ensures that you can adapt and implement your business strategies.

Proximity is key for us, which ensures a fast and economic local presence for you, our customer. This we achieve by our central headquarters location in the Rhine-Main area and regional field offices.

Our numerous project-examples and references show the advantages and benefits of our solutions.


"Any company is only as good as the people who work there"

It is our consultants, through their professional excellence in education, comprehensive industry knowledge and in-depth technical and business practice, who provide the basis for targeted, compact and economical solutions in the SAP environment.

In addition, our employees ensure that through regular training they always have current and reliable knowledge at their disposal, knowledge which has been tested and successfully demonstrated through their consultation and implementation projects.

"Working for iCAS means belonging to a competent team."
Peter Rauch - SAP consultant

"Disciplined work at iCAS means that success cannot fail."
Oswald Schöpp - General Manager, SAP Consultant

"As an employee of iCAS I interact with customers who positively value our objectivity and competence."
Matthias Staab - SAP consultant


Customers want security – a reassurance that products and services are proven to a defined standard. Since founding our company, quality management has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

This certification not only gives our customers the security they seek, - it provides us with a motivational tool and proof of our continuous improvement process (CIP).

Customers of iCAS AG can be assured they will always receive quality conscious products and services.