The increased competitive pressure in the plastic processing leads to a change from a pure manufacturer to system providers. Besides the mere fabrication, there are a number of other challenges for the plastics processing industry:

  • Significantly increasing energy and material costs
  • Statutory provision for tracking with comprehensive documentation requirements
  • Reduce unit costs and maximizing capacity utilization and productivity
  • Relocation of production base and sales market to the Far East (China)

It is essential that this powerful ERP solution offers the following functionality:

  • Offer calculation taking into account the committee and starting materials, and tooling costs
  • Calculation and execution of internal and external production of tools (make-or-Buy)
  • Efficient and error-free processing for resources planning at all levels (material, machines, tools and personnel). It also includes cycle times / volumes, travel times and setup times of the tools
  • Tool management in the light of shapes, cavities or nests
  • Full documentation and management of batch-related materials (batch-reference)
  • Planning and control of maintenance and repair
  • Connection and communication with international agencies and product cities (China), in the local language with the respective national legal requirements

Our customised SAP All-in-one solution i.Kunststoff for the plastics processing, supports you significantly in optimising your processes - and helps to ensure your success.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges in the plastics processing.