Customers who previously purchased a standard product now want an individual solution. Therefore, companies who have manufactured their products in traditional mass production will have the ability, coupled with the efficiency of mass production, to handle customized orders.

This also represents a great challenge for your company:

  • Increasing cost pressures greater number of variants
  • Fast delivery with high variability
  • Customer information in a targeted manner for subsequent orders
  • Maintaining and improving the customer relationship in order to respond individually to each customer

To continue to meet the needs of your customers are successful, you need a customised and flexible ERP solution that helps you address the following processes and tasks:

  • Differentiation from competitors through individuality of the products
  • Real production grade configuration of your products (variant configuration) by your customers
  • Reduced error rate to final levels and significant reduction of storage costs
  • Collect and analyse customer information, so as to ensure the customer relationship and to further refine (customer relationship management)
  • Efficient analysis and consideration of customer requirements as well as trend information for improved planning of new products
  • Processes of mass production can be optimised (nature of the prototypes / samples and integration of machine), so that cycle times are kept as short as possible
  • Delivery flexibility (in terms of changes of dates, amounts or products)

Through our customised SAP All-in-one solution i.Serie for customised mass production, you have grown your needs.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges of customised mass production



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