In technical trading, you are now no longer just a middleman, and thus required to alter the offerings.

This change brings a number of challenges:

  • To offer various services (range of education, user training, etc.)
  • To accept internationalisation of markets (Global Pricing)
  • Continuous adjustment of the logistics process to reduce costs (warehousing, goods flow) and lead-time of orders
  • Cover the variety of industry segments and distribution channels (electronic ordering)
  • Qualified consulting (needs assessment) and selection of the required products

To adapt your processes successfully to the changes, you need an efficient ERP industry solution, which includes the following functionality:

  • Coordination of customised solutions by using self-assembled modules (sets)
  • Market monitoring and collecting market data, which spreads the development of new products from the manufacturer
  • Management of goods movements because of cash sales
  • Identification of indicators of the warehouse management value for the valence (ABC analysis) and turnover frequency (XYZ analysis, etc.)
  • Electronic Data Transfer - EDI (order confirmation, packing list and shipping order)
  • Paperless warehousing management, (picking orders) through wireless connection of scanners and handsets
  • Automatic generation of orders suppliers (Vendor Management Inventory - VMI)
  • Using barcode-systems or RFID-systems
  • Dynamic location management
  • Path-optimised storage and picking of multiple orders (Multi-Order Picking) and package optimisation (Case Calculation)

The use of our customised SAP All-in-one solution i.Handel for the technical trade provides a solid foundation for your success. Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges in the technical trade.