Manufacturers of machinery, components and customer orders or products with variant expression more than ever need to respond with flexibility to customer wishes.

They are confronted with:

  • more individual product variants in order of decreasing size
  • rising costs by more complex product variants
  • Variety of data management through numerous and extensive product development
  • always more variable supply chains in manufacturing and logistics

To continue your challenges in the future, you need a powerful ERP solution that offers the following features:

  • Real and manufactured configuration of your products (variant configuration) by your customers
  • Reduction of cost and time in the development of marketable products
  • Pricing based on product characteristics
  • Significant reduction of the master data, such as articles, work plans and parts lists
  • Shorter order processing and faster turnaround times by multiple use of materials, parts and assemblies
  • Mastery of the variety and control of costs
  • Planning and control processes (sales planning and availability) based on the characteristics of the product variations
  • Optimisation of product and process development, from planning phase through to market entry
  • Optimal control and efficient settlement of enterprise logistics and production cross

With our customized SAP All-in-one solution i.Machine for the customer order / manufacturing variant you secure long term success of your business and your competitive edge.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience and the challenges of customer order / manufacturing variant.