In addition to innovative quality products, customers today demand a high service level. This can only be achieved with an optimised supply chain.

The inter-company collaboration brings many challenges:

  • Faster response times to market changes and product launches.
  • To ensure smooth material and information flows between partners.
  • Controlled processing of internal and external processes.
  • Accurate prediction of demand levels.
  • Increase of delivery services while reducing the inventory and transportation costs.

For the development and control of an innovative logistic network, taking account of sales, production, distribution and transportation, you need a powerful SCM solution that offers the following functionality.

  • Execution analysis and optimisation of activities across your supply chains, from production (including materials management) to transportation.
  • Synchronisation of supply and demand on the company resources.
  • Information about costs, efficiencies and resources (KPI - Key Performance Indicators).
  • Detection and use of non-productive time.
  • Prevention of faulty parts and unnecessary stocks.
  • Shortening the waiting times of semi-finished goods.
  • Analysis and optimisation of delivery reliability.

Our customised SAP SCM solutions allow the integration of all business partners in your supply chain. So you create an efficient, transparent and adaptable corporate network.

Years of practical experience and the challenges faced with our customers are the basis for our SCM solutions.