Regardless of company size or industries, influence property running costs and annual budgets to a decisive degree. Thus, the management of real estate has developed into a major strategic planning successful company size and budget management which is reflected in the following requirements:

  • Low yields and vacancy rates reveal
  • Efficient commercial and technical management of real estate
  • Management and optimisation of real estate portfolios for strategic and operational aspects

A flexible real estate management solution should cover the following requirements and seamlessly operate with integrated finance and logistics functions (maintenance, investment management, procurement and asset accounting and controlling):

  • Applicants and property management
  • Efficient contract administration for the purchase and rental processes at full coverage of the various lease types such as time, index or turnover rents
  • Controlling and managing all processes related to the technical building management (maintenance)
  • Document management for site plans, floor plans, etc.
  • Analysis procedures for decisions about purchases and sales of objects, modernisation projects and rent reviews
  • Controlling and reporting on the evaluation and management of property portfolios
  • Identification of potential for increasing yield and reducing costs
  • Simple and clear additional costs statements

Through our customised product solutions for the management of real estate you have the costs and revenue potential of your property portfolio well under control.

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience.