Your business needs more than ever to have the cost, productivity, quality and deadlines under control.

You will need precise data on a daily basis:

  • Utilization of production
  • Manufacturing progress of orders
  • Production results (completion, etc.)
  • Workforce Balance of operational and time data
  • Etc.

The built-in operating and time data provide the basis for further use in SAP. You'll have the latest production and quality levels. Pre-prepared data supports your decision and control. This makes it possible for you to monitor and optimise your production processes. An efficient operating and time data solution should cover the following requirements.

  • Order confirmations of various types
  • Acquisition of group work and multi-machine operation
  • Feedback by means of barcode
  • Direct connection to machines
  • Mobile solution - feedback from the employee from any location
  • Evaluation and comparison of manufacturing and operating times
  • Time differences can be seen, analysed and optimised at the touch of a button
  • Incorrect transactions identified and modified
  • Flexible reporting

Our solutions are based on years of practical experience (project examples) and are tailored to the challenges of your business.